Death Note Anime Full Eps 1-37 - Telling a young college student named Light Yagami who has a supernatural notebook called Death Note. Every person holding the Death Note will be able to see Shinigami, better known as the God of Death. 
Some rules in the Death Note :

  •     Humans who are written off.
  •     Death Note will not function until the author imagined the victim's face while writing the name of the victim.
  •     If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds after writing the name of the victim then it will happen.
  •     If the cause of death was not written then it will automatically die of a heart attack.
  •     After writing the cause of death, details of death should be written in 6 minutes 40 seconds later.
Light Yagami is an intelligent and ambitious young man to wipe out all crime in the face of this earth and by chance he is the son of police chief. Light is also a brave man because only he who does not fear when meeting with the Shinigami. Shinigami from Death Note Light Yagami owned named Ryuk, Ryuk has a uniqueness that is just eating apples. Light does not waste the Death Note has. Every criminal who he knew from television news, whether it's just a suspect or defendant would be killed by the Death Note.
Soon, the world began to suspect the death row of the criminals who caused a sudden heart attack. Kira finally start is described as the mastermind behind these strange occurrences. To handle this case made a special investigation by the FBI team, headed by Light's father and orchestrated by a mysterious detective called L.

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